Jun 07 , 2021

Recently, a batch of transparent polyurethane wheels officially rolled off the注射line.They will soon be assembled into complete casters and shipped to our customers.这个半透明的双球轴承轮主要用于办公椅脚轮,有些人也将其用作滑轮轮。车轮尺寸通常为2.5英寸,3英寸和4英寸。通常用于椅子的2.5和3英寸。过多的轮子会导致施法者的重心太高,并且有倾斜的风险。从现有样式来看,由这种轮子制成的椅子脚轮通常使用grip ring stemtype mounting bracket, which is very convenient for installation or disassembly.

The casters made of the wheels are soft, silent and traceless, and can protect the floor to the utmost extent. The design of double ball bearing and double种族is more durable.

Thisoffice chair casteris currently a hot-selling style on Amazon, and is generally sold in sets of 5.

Our company also has a sales plan for this product, with customizable bracket color, logo and outer packaging, which is convenient for friends in need to make personalized customization. At the same time, we can also provideshipmentservices to provide you with a one-stop comfortable shopping experience.

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